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“A wonderful book about travel and food by an American journalist writing in the 1950's. It's THE best book I know on France and French food. I learnt so much from reading it. It divides the country into 3 areas, according to what is the principal cooking fat. So we see France as the land of butter (Normandy and the north), the land of goose fat (the South West), and the land of oil (Provence and the south). There are some recipes, many magical evocations and much to deepen our understanding of our neighbours.”

Book 0093
Donated by Adrian Noble

The Food of France
Waverley Root

I read this book in languedoc which was very interesting.Finding out about the different regions fascinating .My knowledge of France has expanded and so has my waistline.Left it on the sun bed next to me .

Esther Coles

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