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“ This book is a modern story about love and friendship. It is based in New York : apolitical, post-racial, religion-free city. It's a map drawn by people's lives. We meet the four main characters at the threshold of their adulthood and spend the next thirty years totally immersed in their emotional life. It is exhausting, challenging and beautiful. It is un-cool. We are in love with them, loose our patience with them we wish them happiness. When I first read that this book 'will change my life', I felt reluctant to read it, I didn't want my life changed. But "A little life" tinges ones life with sensitivity and empathy. And with the understanding that regardless of our actions and achievements every life is 'little' and precious and we have to look after it. And this is democratic.”

Book 0241
Donated by ania tomaszewska-nelson

a little life
hanya yanagihara

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