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“It has changed the way I think of others and the way I connect with the world. It has challenged my assumptions about who I am and my ability to show empathy. It taught me the beauty of unconditional positive regard and the power of silence. It has helped me to lead a more wholehearted life. The greatest gift we can give to others is our unconditional attention. Through this book, I give you mine, and hope that you will give it further. ”

Book 0158
Donated by Heather

Time To Think
Nancy Kline

I LOVED the Museum of Empathy's "A Thousand and One Books"! It was a delight to allow the donor to do the talking rather than the editors sales pitch down the spine. I was immediately drawn to what Heather said about the gift of attention and as I went to the book it clearly spoke to a direction that my life was taking at the time. Picking it was the easiest thing in the world then. I read it with great enthusiasm. I have passed it on to a friend who I think will find some confirmation of an approach to which she has -I believe- a natural affinity: that of, unconditional positive regard.

Stephen Robins

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