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“How can a book tell you how to be outdoors? In some ways it’s a daft notion. And a complete outdoor handbook, even more so! But when I was eleven or twelve, I took this book out of my school library and renewed it again and again; and it whetted an appetite for fire-building and foraging, for plants, animals, and landscapes, and for a way of being and seeing in the outdoors that I haven’t lost. ”

Book 0149
Donated by Bradon Smith

The Complete Outdoor Handbook
Raymond Mears

I was feeling adventurous when I picked up this book... in a very literal sense seemingly. The book starts with a short intro on responsible outdoorsmanship (good) and then goes right into a series of simple how-to guides with diagrams. Lighting fires, basic animal tracks, tying knots etc. As it goes on though the guides become steadily more advanced. This includes tips on smoking your own meat, making shoes out of reeds, and building your own fishing rod. Pretty cool stuff - it certainly is a complete handbook. I've passed the book onto my boss's keen 9 year old daughter. She seems like the Bradon Smith/Ray Mears type, so hopefully she'll drying animal meat and lighting fires in no time. Thanks for the fun Ray and Bradon

Douglas Steinberg

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