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“Everyone should read this book as it shows the futility of war. The ending is particularly hard. ”

Book 0136
Donated by Marie

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
John Boyd

Our family had watched this film only the week before I blindly chose this book. It is pleasantly quite different from the film. I am planning to leave it in a coffee shop in Barking, Essex, that has many books for the customers.

Gary Mansfield

My dad gave me this book to read, even though we had watched the film. It was a very interesting film, but very sad. It was terrible what happened to Bruno, but now his Dad knows what he was doing was wrong and how bad it must have felt for the prisoners to lose their children.

Hannah Mansfield

I read this book about a year ago - it was very moving. I feel as though everyone should read it - you can see all of the characters' different perspectives - but most importantly, you experience the holocaust through an innocent child's eyes.

Lisa Moyer

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