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“This is a devastatingly brilliant book. A couple living on a remote lighthouse cannot have children. One day a rowing boat is washed up with a dead man and a baby that is still alive. Thinking the family has died they bury the father and adopt the baby as their own. The baby grows up as theirs. But on a much later visit ashore they meet the real mother. Whose child is it now? You are completely torn between the real mother and the 'mother' who has brought her up. And the child's reaction is devastating. This is a wonderful and heartrending story. Ricky ”

Book 0010
Donated by Richard Raworth

Light Between Oceans
M L Stedman

A devastating book about the depths of love. Time and time again the author ensures you are torn between the characters. Right 'til the end.

Sophie Walsh

Very readable albeit I found it a little slow at times. Many surprises. Is it about depths of love..... I'm not so sure; more about life's journey of pain and joy and love. We have all experienced these!

Mark Sugden

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